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About us

We are the leading independent Sparx partner in the UK

Ability Engineering provides the full range of EA and Prolaborate cloud hosting solutions for your organisation, building on more than 20 years experience working with national and international corporations, governments and not-for-profit organisations.

Supporting modelling, implementation and optimisation of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, our experts bring best practice in management and analysis of business change, product development and process management.


As founders of the European Enterprise Architect User Group, we have created and nurtured a wide network of skilled EA professionals and super-users, giving us access to an unequalled range of perspectives and talent covering aspects of EA use.

As well as our Sparx hosting options, we offer an extensive range of training, consulting and mentoring services. All to deliver tailored EA and Prolaborate support for your EA modelling team.

Want to be part of the team? Then join us.

What else we offer


The Microsoft Word and Excel EA document generator. The all-time global top selling EA extension.

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Model Expert

The EA model quality management tool.

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Training, Consulting and Mentoring

Offering a range of workshops and training courses

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