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A managed EA service

Building a process modelling practice

This government client wanted to grow the use of EA and Prolaborate for process modelling. Including hosted repositories, EA support and training.

Building best practice

This government department uses Sparx EA mostly for process modelling. They only started using EA 12-18 months ago, but it has proved useful. Processes are easier to visualize, easier to re-use within and across projects, and the stakeholder deliverables can be of much higher quality – delivered using Prolaborate.

They came to us at the point where they were planning to roll-out EA process modelling to some more teams, but were not sure how they could support this.

The first few teams supported themselves but there was a lot to learn, and they now know that they can’t/don’t want to support more teams of EA ‘newbies’.

After several weeks of discussions, prototyping and investigations – and some hard conversations with their in-house security experts – they decided they wanted a ‘managed EA service’ from us. This includes:

  • All their repositories are now in the cloud, managed by our experts
  • They are sharing processes with their stakeholders using Prolaborate.
  • We are training new users in the basics of EA, and being available as ‘mentors’ to get new teams started quickly, including a weekly drop-in modelling clinic where we take users step-by-step through worked examples using screen sharing .
  • We worked with the current teams to take the learnings from the initial projects, and put that into a ‘Process Modelling Best Practice’ guide, which we are now using to train the next set of users
  • They are still using mostly desktop EA, but there is a plan to start a ‘proof-of-concept’ for one new team, using 100% cloud EA.

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