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Journey to the Cloud

An easy way to expand the use of EA to new teams really quickly.

Our smallest Sparx in the Cloud solution, with hosting and management of the complete EA platform.

Simplifying the new modeller experience

This is a medium-sized company, with around 10 EA Users, all of whom are quite new to modelling. They are already seeing the value of the EA ‘single version of the truth’, and have a company policy to move as much of their IT into the cloud as possible. To grow their team, we are providing all 10 modellers with a hosted EA platform: including their repositories in the cloud and running EA as a SAAS application.

All the elements are being hosted in the client’s existing cloud environment, with our Sparx in the Cloud Experts managing the maintenance, upgrades, backups. security and licences.

This is the smallest solution we offer, and gives this customer an easy way to expand their use of EA to new teams really quickly.

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