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Streamlining access to EA

A solution for distributed teams

This team needed a better way to access EA, manage lots of models, and support users with day-to-day use and model governance.

EA SAAS & Repositories in the cloud

This large manufacturing company have been using Sparx Enterprise Architect for many years, in their offices around the world. They have around 100 EA users, mostly creating, maintaining, and using their Enterprise Architecture, which they use to plan changes to their IT environment.

Because they are spread around the world, the different EA teams have evolved to use their own repositories, so creating a full end-to-end picture of the architecture was becoming more difficult. Teams were also spending too much time supporting their colleagues, and helping their own IT department to maintain their Sparx environment.

We worked with them over a few weeks to understand how we could best help them, and they decided that they needed all the repositories from all the EA teams to be accessible to everyone. Once they found out that EA could run 100% in the cloud, they decided that this would remove lots of the day-to-day pain of supporting their own environment.

As of February 2021, our Project Manager says that the migration project is about 50% complete, so right now they have a mixture of desktop and cloud-EA users. The project to migrate all their remaining EA desktops is planned to complete in Q2 2021.

Experts in the Cloud

They also wanted us to provide the low-level support for their EA users, to free-up time for their EA experts, so we included a package of ticketed support for EA and modelling queries, as well as a weekly drop in ‘clinic’ where topics can be explored in more depth.

We have also helped them with some outstanding tasks, which they needed to do, but never seemed to have the available staff to do.

These included pulling in some of the applicable international standards (used by lots of projects) into their models, as well as rationalizing the number and contents of their repositories.

We also now provide some model quality control and maintenance services, again, freeing-up their own staff.

Feedback from users already migrated – especially their EA expert users – is that it's a simpler, cleaner and more efficient way to work.

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