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Sparx in the Cloud

Flexible Cloud Hosting Options

Did you know you can now put all of your EA environment in the cloud? No more desktop installations, no more firewall changes or sofware upgrades. Let us take of that, so you can focus on delivering what your organisation needs.

Full Cloud Hosting Solution

For the first time since Sparx Enterprise Architect was launced more than 20 years ago, you can now have a complete Sparx environment which runs 100% in the cloud. So you can get the agility which cloud computing delivers. New users or whole new teams on-boarded in hours. EA really can support your organizations’ digital transformation.

No more desktop installations, no more repository admin, and no more complex configuration of any of the Sparx toolset. Everything runs in a cloud, managed by experts.

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Sparx EA has always run as a thick-client, desktop app – until now.

Using the latest improvements in app-streaming technology, it’s now possible to put EA onto a cloud server, and stream the user interface to anyone who needs it. Regardless of what kind of computer they have: Windows laptop, Mac, even Chromebooks and Android can now run EA. If your EA users are currently out of the office, that’s no longer a problem. They can have secure access to all your EA repositories, and with zero software to install.

So any user who needs the power and scope of EA can have it. And delivered in a matter of hours, not weeks.

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Prolaborate Hosting

Prolaborate provides a clear and accessible way to access the valuable business knowledge held in EA. Accessible via browser, with each user having a curated view plus tailored access – to read-only, edit, or comment on your model content. Now stakeholders and deciion makers can have real-time visibility of the model without having to be an EA expert.

Add Prolaborate to your desktop or cloud EA environment and put your EA knowledge at the heart of your business.

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Repository Hosting

The simplest way to get started with Sparx in the Cloud is to let us manage your EA repositories.

So no more backups, database upgrades or ODBC connections.

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