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Join our international team of EA Experts

Help us to deliver even more world-class support for EA users

At Ability Engineering we aim to deliver world-class EA support. And to do that, we need world-class people with the best EA skills available.

"Sparx Experts in the Cloud" needs you

If you are an experienced EA user, and you’d like to join our virtual team of “Support Partners” , then please send us an email, using the form below.

What we need to know:

  1. How many years have you been using EA?
  2. In what roles? Architect, Business Analysts, Designer etc
  3. Which modeling languages have you used? For how long.
    For example, UML – 3 years, Archimate – 2 years
  4. What languages do you speak?
    First language, other languages.
    Note: our working language is English, but we also offer first-language speaker support in other languages.
  5. Are you available to join our virtual team? How many hours per month ?
    You must be available to answer customer questions during European (CET) business hours.

How it works - Support Partner view

When Ability Engineering starts working with a new customer, we will agree with them how many hours of support per month they think they will need. This contract will last for a minimum of 12 months.

  • We will discuss with each customer the amounts and kinds of support they are likely to need.
    • For example, they might need 20 hours per month of new-user support, half in French, half in English, with another 20 hours of Archimate support.
    • We don’t currently have a French-speaking Archimate expert, so we’ll offer them Archimate support in English only
    • So if you are a French-speaking Support Partner, we might sub-contract 10 hours per month of support for those French-speaking new users to you, and the 20 hours of Archimate support to another Support Partner. We will do the rest ourselves.
  • Questions will come to us from customers via email, or sometimes straight to our support system
  • We will assess each question, and pass it on to the Support Partner who we think will best answer it
  • You are free to contact the customer directly, but always copy the support system, so we can see how the question is being answered
  • Even if you don’t spend all 10 hours in a month answering questions, you still get paid the full amount. This customer is paying us for you to be available IF they have questions.

If that sounds good to you, let’s talk.

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