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Hints, tips, opinions and best practice modelling techniques for Sparx Enterprise Architect.

At Ability Engineering, we use Sparx EA every day, both for helping our customers, and in our own roles.

Below are some things we’ve learned from more than 20 years of modeling businesses and software systems. They are in no particular order – the most important one (to you) probably isn’t at the top, and some of them you might totally disagree with. That’s fine – these are just our experiences, but maybe they give you an idea of the kinds of views and ideas we will bring along with us, if we ever work together.

Model styles for processes

19 February 2021

Process models are hard to maintain. Maybe that's because they have poor structure. Here are some ways to give them a longer life, and so make them more ueful to your business.

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Where to start modelling

18 February 2021

Faced with an empty model and a problem to solve, where should you start? Some advice for people with no modelling experience

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Explaining the idea of 'modelling' to non-modelers

18 February 2021

..or, "how to reduce 20 years of modelling into 5 bullets". If you need to explain to someone what we do, try this short explanation.

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