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Prolaborate - a world-class experience for your stakeholders

Unleash the power of EA information

Prolaborate is now the established way that you can give your stakeholders and collaborators access to the information you have in Sparx EA, and in a way they can use.

EA has always been the best modelling tool  – but it’s a modelling tool, and sometimes needs specialist skills to understand what’s there.

Prolaborate allows to you show people what’s in EA, but in a way they can understand and use. And they can even review and comment on what’s happening in your EA models. Not on a copy – on the same Repository that you’re using.

So now you can have real-time collaborations with your stakeholders, and they can see your solutions evolving. And all delivered in a friendly, customized user interface which they will love.

Personalised access and bespoke views

  • Intuitive experience with just relevant details published to users based on their roles
  • Curate model information into rich and user-friendly dashboards, including dynamic, interactive graphs and charts based on model metadata and tagged values. Create Strategy maps, Application Portfolio or Service landscapes using the multi-level landscape diagrams
  • Create contextual discussions and gather feedback quickly from all the stakeholders, and manage your formal review and approval process
  • Share models and send invitations to engage non-EA business professionals or publish customized views of the EA repositories with rich and dynamic dashboards to the wider community
  • Integrate Prolaborate with Confluence, Sharepoint, JIRA, Azure DevOps, plus identity providers like Active Directory, Azure AD, Microsoft ADFS, Okta, Mini Orange, Oracle ICS, IBM SAM, etc.