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"Experts in the Cloud"

Delivering world-class help for your team

Sparx EA teams have evolved to be self-sufficient. Your local experts probably spend a fair proportion of their time helping other users, and mentoring new people. But this doesn’t scale, and it’s a poor use of the skills of some of your best people.

So we can provide you with that expert help – we’re calling it ‘Experts in the Cloud”

The modelling and tool support you need

As a user of Sparx Enterprise Architect, you can get technical support from the EA forum, or by emailing support@sparxsystems.com.

What you might not know is that this support is available only during Australian business hours, and there’s no SLA on when they must respond. And it’s only available in English.

It’s also available only for questions about the operation of the software:

  • you can’t ask them “what’s the best way to..” type questions….
  • …and the answer to a question is rarely ‘I wouldn’t use EA for that – other tools do it better“.

We have found that most organisations need a more immediate, more wide-ranging and more independent support than the basic product provides.
Today, you probably get that support from your local EA experts. But these experts are probably your most expensive talent, and should probably spend their time being Architects, Analysts or Designers. Not answering questions from other users.

Let our Experts in the Cloud provide your support

We’ve been supporting EA users for more than 10 years already, so we have first-hand experience.

What we have found is that EA users typically need:

  • Answers to a wide range of questions. From the ‘where’s the button which does this‘ through to ‘what’s the best way to manage requirements’, and everything in between.
  • Single point of contact for support. Modelers don’t know whether their question is simple or hard, whether it’s simply about the basic product, or a complex question about how to apply it. So having one place for them to go saves them time and money, and gets them back being productive as soon as possible
  • A fast response – users are asking these questions because they are trying to do something. And it’s likely they are being held-up if they can’t get an answer, so speed is essential. And that could mean having support available in a range of time-zones, or even ALL time zones.
  • Someone who speaks their language. That may be their preferred national language, or the modelling language they are using. Either way, they need someone who understands them.

We provide support on any question, provided it’s connected with using Sparx Enterprise Architect. And we provide it in your time-zone, at a speed which reflects the needs of your users, and in a language those users understand.

We can provide support for all EA subject areas, including:

  • UML
  • Archimate
  • BPMN
  • SysML
  • ..and lots more.

And with a range of options to suit your needs

Support Options


  • A fast response is essential, so by default we provide support in Central European Time (CET), from 09:00 to 17:00, or GMT/BST for UK-based teams (also 09:00 – 17:00).
  • Dedicated email support – guaranteed response next business day
  • Monthly support clinic
  • Monthly support account reporting

Premium Plus

  • If you have teams based in multiple time zones then our Premium Plus service provides you with round-the-clock support, in any time zone. This is because we have teams in India (GMT – 5.5 hours), UK/Europe, and USA west coast (GMT +8)
  • Dedicated email support – 4 hour SLA.
  • Monthly support clinic
  • Dedicated Account Manager, who will be your single point of contact for all issues relating to our support. They will usually have a monthly meeting with you, where you can discuss how we are providing support, and raising any issues.


This can consist of any of the elements of Premium and Premium Plus support, plus anything else you need to keep your EA teams happy and productive.

We could, for example, take on all the support which your current EA helpdesk currently provides, even if that is several people spread over many countries. Or we can setup your own dedicated support team, who work only for you. And give you your own dedicated ticketing system, so users can see the progress of their support tickets.

These are just a few examples of the Enterprise Support options – contact us to discuss your requirements.